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Frequently Asked Questions

Super Built Up Area is Unit Area + Common Area which the customer pays for. The Common Area is proportionately calculated and added to all units. It is approx. 25% of the Unit Area.

Unit Area is the Area which is in complete possession of the customer., which they alone use & enjoy. It includes all built area, walls, balconies etc.

The project will have a 24x 7 security with continuous CCTV monitoring. Only 1 Entry/ Exit point which will be guarded at all times

24x 7 water & Power back up will be provided.

All common areas/ services shall be maintained by the company/ designated maintenance agency. A monthly maintenance amount will be charged from all residents for the same.

Yes, subject to the standard T&C, the contracted price would be escalation free.

All payments MUST be made before/on the due date. Any delay will attract a penalty of 18% per annum; calculated on a daily basis for the number of days delayed.

Yes, the customer will be entitled for a compensation of Rs. 10/- sqft monthly for any delay in the project after 31 March 2026.

Yes, a 5% GST will be charged extra (can change as applicable); all stamp duty charges and fees during registry will be paid extra by the customer.

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