Why Property in Haridwar is Your Next Best Investment

Himayala Terraces

Haridwar, a city that resonates with spiritual vibrations and ancient Indian heritage, is now emerging as a hotspot for real estate investment. With its unique blend of religious significance and modern development, investing in property in Haridwar offers not just a home, but a retreat into a world of serene beauty and peace. 

Himalaya Terraces is the most luxurious project & tallest Residential Tower of Haridwar. Located on 80 feet road, it is a 9 floor building with 2/3/4 BHK in the heart of the city with HIMALAYAS Views from every Residence & GANGA Views on the East Side. It is 2 minute walking distance  from Ganga Ghats and well connected to NH, Railway Station, Airport. Over 5+ healthcare & educational institutes each are within 10 minutes vicinity. 

Read on to know why Haridwar is your next best investment destination.


The Rising Demand for Real Estate in Haridwar

1.Religious and Cultural Magnet

Hari ( Lord Shiva ), Dwar( door ). Known to be a doorway to God’s own land – Situated on the right bank of the river Ganges, at the foothills of Shivalik ranges. Haridwar is known to be a sacred city for Hindus, hosting religious events and serves as a gateway to several prominent places of worship. Kumbha Mela is celebrated every 12 years. Haridwar, known for its religious significance, attracts millions of pilgrims and tourists annually. This influx ensures a steady demand for residential and commercial properties, whether for personal use or rental purposes.

2. Infrastructure and Connectivity

Haridwar is easily accessible by roads, rail and air to Delhi and other major cities of the country. Recent developments in infrastructure, including enhanced road networks and the upcoming upgrade of Dehradun airport to an international hub, have made Haridwar more accessible. This improvement in connectivity is a key factor driving real estate growth in the area. Himalaya Terraces is situated in Kankhal, Haridwar. Click to view location 

3.The Allure of Living by the Ganges

Properties in Haridwar near the Ganga river offer tranquil living experiences and a serene atmosphere. The proximity to the river not only provides a spiritual ambiance but also ensures a pollution-free environment.

Himalaya Terraces is designed as a lush green space with breathtaking views of the Ganga, Haridwar City and the Himalayas beyond, along with being located at the heart of the city- Kankhal, Haridwar.

4. Health and Wellness

Living in a serene environment of a religious place, close to Ganga is believed to promote physical and mental well-being. This aspect makes these properties particularly appealing to those looking for a healthier lifestyle.

Himalaya Terraces offers multiple Health & Wellness amenities in a 90 feet high Terrace Clubhouse, such as Steam, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Yoga & Meditation Deck, Acupressure walkway and Outdoor Gym. Click to view more amenities 

5. Investment Opportunities: Appreciation Potential

The growing demand and limited supply of properties, especially those near the Ganga, ensures a high appreciation potential. This makes investing in Himalaya Terraces a financially sound decision.

6. Government Approvals: RERA and HRDA Approved Projects

Real estate projects in Haridwar are now more secure with RERA and HRDA approvals, ensuring transparency and reliability for investors. We recommend checking for approval status of projects before investing.

Investing in property in Haridwar is not just about acquiring a piece of real estate; it’s about embracing a lifestyle that brings together spiritual serenity, natural beauty, and modern amenities. With its growing infrastructure, government support, and unique positioning, Haridwar offers an excellent opportunity for those looking to invest in a meaningful and rewarding property.


Don’t Miss Out on This Opportunity!

Homes at Himalaya Terraces are limited, and the demand is soaring. If you’ve ever dreamt of living in a luxurious residential society with unparalleled natural beauty, spiritual significance, and urban convenience, now is the time to make it a reality.

Don’t let this chance slip away. Contact us today to schedule a visit and experience the harmonious blend of luxury, nature, and culture at Himalaya Terraces in Haridwar. Your dream home awaits you!

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